Facebook to secure accounts by means of phone number/Facebook tricks n tips.

Hello friends ,
Here is a good news to all Facebook users , if you are worried about that your Facebook account is been hacked or  may be in future then stop worrying about it now.

Facebook  is  providing you a secure mode  to use your account and if  your account is been hacked it alerts you to change the password. just you need to  provide your mobile phone number  as a part of a drive to improve security.
 You can see a link at the top of your profile requesting  you to follow simple security tips.

Clicking on the link opens the site's security page where you are asked to pick a unique password and given a tutorial on how to spot an online scam.You are then requested to provide their phone number.

Facebook claims that when a you confirm your phone number it allows the site to automatically wipe their password in case your account is being hacked.

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