LinkedIn Alerts users to change Password/ LinkedIn hack

Hello  friends,

If you are a LinkedIn users,Here is a  bad news for you all as yesterday their was a  massive password leak at LinkedIn, believed to have affected over 6 million users, security experts have recommended that LinkedIn users change their passwords immediately. 

 If you think that by simply changing your LinkedIn password you are safe? Think again. You may need to change many of your online passwords. 

The reason is that many users tend to use the same passwords across multiple Web services - such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts. So whoever stole the LinkedIn data can use the information to access your other online accounts. Therefore it is advisable to update all your passwords which are the same as your LinkedIn password. 

 You should also consider making your passwords stronger and avoid those that match words in a dictionary. One way is to think of a meaningful phrase or song and create a password using the first letter of each word. 

Note:- Its best to keep  different passwords to different web sites and make sure that  it is not a common name or a place.  use a unique name or word  combine it with some special characters and numbers.

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