Facebook app SPP to protect your privacy setting

Hello friends,

 Facebook has come up with new app( SPP ) Social Privacy Protector not only protects you from malicious minds, it also notifies you about the applications installed on your profile which could hinder their privacy.

it is also capable of analyzing each friend and it then provides a score to depict the "connectedness" to every friend. Those friends with the lowest scores are considered suspicious and the you will  be asked if that friend should be restricted from his/her personal you information. It also restricts the person from using your personal information, but doesn’t defriend/block him or her.

Facebook encourages you to make as many connections as possible, but he suggests that it is desirable to limit the number of users on your profile.   The Social Privacy Protector is a free software available as a Facebook app for all browsers, and can also be accessed as an add-on for Firefox. It can be download from here.

 Some Features of  SPP app:
  • It allows parents to adjust the profiles of their kids.
  • It prevents criminals from gathering personal information.
  • This app can bring multiple levels of protection to people's FB profile.
  • SPP notifies the user about the applications installed on their profile that could threaten their privacy.
It also has a special feature that reviews user's friend list to identify those who might be fake profiles.
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