Facebook Messages to get New Design/Facebook Tips n Tricks

Hello friends,

The messages tab on Facebook  is going to get a new look  as announced by the site designers that it would be upgrading how messages appear on Facebook.

The new look will in fact make the messages tab look very similar to an email inbox. The two changes are:

•  A side-by-side layout.  The left hand side has a list of all the recent conversations and messages, while the right has the entire conversation, this being the one you’ve clicked on. Users now also have the option of adding multiple photos and emoticons to their messages.

• Users can also search by a sender’s name or keyword from the main messages view. Keyboard commands have also been added for easier navigation. Users will be able to see the full list of available shortcuts, by typing Alt+Q on a PC or Control+Q on a Mac.

This feature will be rolled out to you in the coming weeks.

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