How to Acess androids from desktop with out USB cable /Download AirDroid app free.

Download free from Here

Here is new apps   AirDroid  as a name itself it functions which allow you to operate and manage your android from the desktop web browser, if you are thinking whats new about the feature then  its wireless !!  No need to connect it through any USB cable . It operates through air.

 Some of the feature are mentioned below:

You can send and receive SMS from your big-screen computer,Faster typing and navigation with the full keyboard and large screen.

The best feature what i like is you can locate and lock your Android when it’s lost. Cannot get it back? Simply wipe all data remotely.

You can move photos, videos, ringtones and any other files on and off Android.

See through the lens of your Android camera, front and back. Or stream the screen of your Android in nearly real-time.

Call contact, share clipboard content, push url to Android and more features awaiting your discovery.

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