Free download:Best Cute Android Live Wallpapers for Girls 2015

Hello friends,

  I'm gonna share Top 5 Cute Android Live wallpapers   which you'll love it, and the good news is that its free for download.  here you can download  and modify the setting in the wallpapers according to your wish.

1.Lucky Star(Download Here)

Enchanting night-time setting, Clouds drift past while a star swings just out of reach.

2.Sleepy Panda Wallpaper(Download Here)

 A sleepy panda snoozing under a blossoming cherry tree on your home screen! Cherry blossoms float past while a branch blows in the wind.

3. Mortal Wombat (Download Here)

 A wombat caught out in the rain needs to improvise
4. Yang The Cat Lite (Download Here)
Tang The Cat is animated and interactive cat on your home screen! Tought Clouds feature and THEMES are available in the full version only where you can comfort him, he purrs, meows and even sleeps! Change conditions from snowy to fireflies and customize Yang in many ways! Lots of options and accessories - hats, glasses, necklaces, eye color and other details to change and combine

5. Kitten Sunset Wallpaper(Download Here).

It Welcome a warm summer night to your home screen with two loveable kittens, Kiki and Patch.
This live wallpaper features flowers drifting in the breeze and fireflies floating about in anticipation of the cool night.The background sunset and foreground grasses move at different speeds when sliding between icons. This gives the live wallpaper great sense of depth.

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