Best Top 5 must have games in androids,tablets 2014/ Free download


 Games are one of best  apps that we enjoy while been idle, Here today I'm gonna share some top five games that you can enjoy on your android device as me, this apps are simple superb  and awesome full of adventure and surprises  at each level . You can download it for free just by clicking on its name.

1. I Need A Hero.

 In this you are going to rescue a princess from the dangerous monsters. Where you the only hero to rescue add some more adventure you can join the royal tournament to compete with your friends and challenge the world.

2. Castle Clash.

It is the one of the best game that i enjoy  where you can create your choice of wild troops , it is Fast-paced, thrilling, and realistic battles. you need a internet connection while playing the game.

3.Ice Age Village

This game is a Scrat’s hunt for his favorite acorn has opened a crack in the Earth’s crust, sending the animals scurrying for safety. Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid decide to build a new village for their displaced friends. 
where you can  build your own village, invite your friend to build the best village.

4. Dots: A Game about connecting.

Its a simple game you need to connect as many same-colored dots as you can in 60 can also connect with your Twitter and Facebook  friends' scores on the High Scores list. For the first time in Dots, an un-timed, moves based mode is available; kick back and take your time while planning strategic moves. You can also prove that you are better at Dots than your friends with our local Multiplayer mode.

5. Flying penguin 
Slide down the mountains of Antarctica and flap your wings to fly. Go as fast as you can to escape from the polar bear.if you like tiny wings you will love this cool physics based game.3 addicting worlds, 24 racing levels, improve your skills to go faster than a car a motorbike or a shooting star. Escape from the funny bear.
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