Trick to Safeguard Your Email Address/Gmail tricks


We find it a safe measure to share our personal information and images through emails  which is the common thing that most of the time we follow but what if your email is been hacked by hackers , as in today's day to day life its common. Today I'm gonna share a trick which helps you to  protect your mails just by following few simple steps.

  • Fist you need to Edit Profile
  • Contact Information
  • Clicking on the icon beside your email address
  • Checking 'Only Me'.
Now change your primary email address to a one that is only known to you by going to Account Settings>Email> and changing your primary email to the new one (known only to you) and removing your previous email address.

    For additional security, when in Account Settings, check 'Secure browsing' and 'Send me an email when a new computer or mobile device logs into this account' and click Save.

Some of the safety measures:
  • At last Be careful before clicking on suspicious links. 
  • Always check the URL in the address bar before signing in. 
  • Avoid logging in through various "Facebook widgets" offered by websites and blogs.  
  • Facebook's homepage to sign in. 
  • Always try to use Safe Search while searching. 
  • If you do manage to get phished, report the website so that others may get a warning before visiting it

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