Fraps Crack Free Download 2014 Here

Fraps is a windows based application that allows you capture your screen while doing some task on your
computer. There might be some other alternatives for this task but there are lot more features and tasks that other tools can’t perform like showing the FPS on the screen corner while you are playing something on the screen. It can also show the Frame change rate of two locations and compare them. If you are playing the game and you want to check the frame rate of the game.

Fraps Crack

Fraps 3.9.99 is an amazing tool so if you want to activate this tool then you can use Fraps crack Software that will activate your tool for the life-time. You don’t need any activation key or anything you just activate your tool and start using it. You have to follow below given steps to download Fraps Crack tool.

How to Download Fraps Crack

  • You have to follow following steps to download Fraps Crack Tool. 
Fraps Crack Free Download
  • You have to follow the following website in order to download the crack.
  • Extract the file that you have downloaded when the download is complete.
  • Exit the software if it’s running in your tray icons.
  • Copy the crack in your programs folder. 
By following these tools your Fraps will be activated easily. This tool provides lots of amazing features that can be studied below.

Features of Fraps Screen Capturing software

Fraps is a multi-purpose software that can be used as in many ways. Like you can either use it as benchmarking software that will be like you can see how many frames per seconds your screen is showing. You can also use it as a Screen Capturing Software that will capture your screen. You can take screen shoots of your screen easily. Or you can use it as a Video Recording Software. You can record a high resolution video easily and without any problem. This company is so confident about their software that they also provide video samples on their websites so that you can download them and view them and can know the video quality of this software.

The videos that are being recorded will be in a resolution of 7680x4800. This is quite high resolution and its frame capture range is 1 to 120 FPS. So it can capture variable range videos easily.

One of the worst factors about this tool is that this tool looks like an old kind or a basic software. Design of the software looks basic so this might look un-professional to you. So some users might think not using this tool due to its looks but those will be the best dumb persons in front of my eyes because they are missing such great software.

If you are a game lover and want to capture how well do you play a game or want to record a video for your game then you can use this software. This software will be one of the best screen capturing software. So this will be best option for you. Whenever you will start a game or video this will start showing the Frame per seconds on the side of screen. You can activate this tool using Fraps Crack tool which is given above. 
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