Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Free!! Cheats


Everything you need to know to get ahead in the new Harry Potter mobile game 

The most hotly anticipated mobile game since Pokémon Go is finally here! Harry Potter Mystery Dungeon hit app stores worldwide this week, and millions around the world are already donning their digital robes and uncovering the mysteries at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft And Wizadry.

So to help you on your magical adventure, here are all the tips, tricks, cheats and hints you'll need to become the best Witch or Wizard the world has ever seen. We'll be updating this with more tips and hints as we have them, so keep the page bookmarked!

Energy is one of the most valuable resources in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, as it allows you to complete quests and earn coins, which in turn allow you unlock accessories for your character and to start higher-level quests. However, unless you're willing to hack and modify your game, you will find that they are an extremely limited resource. Your energy level does slowly refresh, but if you can't wait to replenish your energy, there are a few secret ways to help you breeze through quests with free Energy. These energy sources refresh every six hours, so with enough patience they can be an infinite supply of Energy to get through the game.
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