Best Hug Day Facebook Status messages 2014 /Valentine Day special


February 12th is celebrated as Hug Day. So, guys and girls, embrace your loved ones & make this day memorable.

A hug to feel you comfortable,
A hug to feel you better,
A hug to feel you secure,
A hug to feel you my love,
Tight hug  wish you Happy hug day.

Hug a 3 letter word which comforts my life in your arms, Happy hug day.

I can feel secure,
I can feel Easy,
I can feel Special,
I can feel loved,
Whenever your arms wraps me up...
Happy hug day Baby.

Hugs are always special,
It draws a smile on a sad face,
It brings a confidence when i feel down,
It makes me feel secure,
A hug is just a hug,
But you make it special by your presence..
Happy hug day.....

A hug can change your enemy to a friend...
but be careful....
A hug can  also change your friend to a enemy.
Happy hug day ;)

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